a revolution in mission, innovation, infrastructure, & empowerment for the Church

For the past decade, the Underground in Tampa has equipped leaders for God's mission, served the poor, and reached the darkest corners of our city. Everything we do is aimed to unlock the church's potential to create an empowering missional culture to send and serve lay-missionaries. And now we hope to pass on what we have learned.


We dream of a missional HUB in every major city, so that anyone who is willing to sacrifice to start something for the kingdom could be within driving distance of a place that will support and celebrate them.  Regardless if you join the Underground Network, we want to train and support apostolic leaders to plant missional HUB’s in their cities. If that’s your heart you’re invited to our movement director’s training.






The Underground Movement School is closer to seminary or a residency rather than a weekend training.  It will require a commitment to mission and a lifestyle of sacrifice.

Module 1: Theology & Practice of a Missional Network

May 24-27, 2018 || Tampa, FL

For the past decade the Underground has been growing an innovative community of missionaries. It is the combination a distinct missional ecosystem and unique infrastructure designed to empower anyone who wants to do something in mission that has allowed us to incubate more than 200 kingdom dreams into thriving microchurches in our city.

This first event will unpack the values that shape our ecosystem and the structures we have designed so that we can systematically be committed to empowering every kind of missionary in our city. We will also provide practical guidelines to help contextualize (this is not a cookie cutter program) your own missional HUB with unique services that can support every kind of missional leader in your context.

Series Includes:

  • The Underground Story
  • Mission Like Jesus
  • What Is the Church?
  • Becoming a Network
  • From Senior Pastor to Movement Leader
  • The Manifesto
  • Developing a Service Platform for Missionaries
  • Nurturing a Missional Ecosystem
  • Economic Models That Release Mission
  • Planting Microchurches
  • Inquiry-based Coaching
  • Relational Fundraising

Module 2: Influence within a Missional Ecosystem

January/Frebruary (TBA) 2019 || Tampa, FL

Blended with Underground Open, this second event will focus on the development of you as a network director. This is where good ideas become a concrete reality. Growing an effective multiplying movement requires a network director to possess a unique combination of qualities from personal intimacy with Jesus, staying connected to grassroots ministry, nurturing a network through its phases of development as well as being able to lead the formation of an organization that is robust and able to serve a diversity of missionaries. This training will focus on your development both spiritually and practically as a movement director.

Series Includes:

  • Disciple-Making in a Missionally Diverse Network
  • Training Elders & Microchurch Leaders
  • An Empowering Hermeneutic
  • Board Formation & Polity
  • Developing Curriculum & Microchurch Resources
  • Communication: Preaching, Teaching, & Storytelling
  • The Need for Revival

Module 3: Prophetic Movement for the Poor

June 22-30, 2019 || Manila, Philippines

As a movement we remember the poor because we believe God does. We believe they are central to his mission in the world. It is our conviction that God is always on the side of those who have no one on their side. For that reason we believe the church should also stand on the side of the poor, and in so doing stand in solidarity with the heart and work of God. Jesus’ own ministry is our model.

This international component will be a challenging experience, pushing us to our limit to explore scripture and ministry from the context of the least. Learning from international movements in places like Haiti or the Philippines you will be pushed to wrestle with what it means to be a prophetic movement for those on the margins, displaying the restoration and reign of Jesus in the world through your missional network.

Series Includes:

  • Theology of the Poor
  • Multiethnicity & The Church
  • The Ministry of Reconciliation
  • Radical Empowerment Across Cultures
  • Reallocating Money as a Movement



The total cost of training is $5000/Movement.

This includes 3 events (2 in Tampa, 1 international), food, lodging, and training materials for you and a ministry partner.

Your Part

Apply for school

Recruit a ministry partner to join you

*scholarships are available to be awarded


Our Part

We promise through creativity and hard work to minimize costs while optimizing quality. Because of the generosity of key donors who believe in the work of the Underground, we will be offering scholarships.