We’re excited to work with group leaders  

We're excited to work with you because we believe the benefits of Haiti last longest when experienced in community. The bulk of a team leader’s responsibility focuses on the details of prepping before arriving in Haiti. We will equip and resource you to succeed as a team leader but the work will still fall to you to prepare your team.  If you’re up for it, please contact us or indicate in your application you plan to be the team leader. 

Here’s a few things to expect as a team leader.

  • Be the point person of contact (both in and out of country)

  • Gather the team 2-3x

    • An overview of the trip and get final commitments

    • Fundraising help and tracking

    • Host a prep session (we have guides for you)

      • Facilitate a Crossing Cultures class

      • Go over the covenant, prep list

      • Lead a guided Bible study to prepare the team

  • Checking with the team about receiving emails, updating passports, etc…

  • Collect $ and transfer it to Haiti Underground

  • Organizing travel (decide on flights and purchase tickets)