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Getting to know us might take some time. There’s no rush but we really want to help you release the priesthood of believers into your city. Please feel free to reach out to us or contact us with any questions you might have.





If you've just found us or are curious about the Underground, the best thing you can do is learn more about who we are. Take a look around our website and connect with us. See what you like, what intrigues you, what is useful to you, and what's confusing. Reach out to us through email us or set up a call.

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Come spend some time with us in Tampa! Meet our staff and a variety of microchurch leaders so you can grasp the big picture of our missional ecosystem. Let’s figure out together if you want to be a part of the Underground Network.

Come visit and spend time immersed in the Underground’s context and story through personal connection. Right now we can take 2-3 teams at a time once a month so check out more info and dates here. 

If you’ve explored a bit it might be helpful to set up a conversation to talk about your context and unpack the Underground ecosystem. Sign up and we would love to set up a consultation.


We also have a consulting firm for traditional church structures who want help taking steps into a brave new future. Our work is prophetic innovation, which always requires courage to see and more courage to embody. Brave Future is not for every church. We are interested only in working with churches or organizations with real appetite for change. We work with those who are either desperate enough to make radical changes or those who have the courage and vision to see that our current strategy/structures will not accomplish what we hope and believe is possible.

We are a boutique firm and only take 6 clients a year. For that reason we are very selective to find the right kind context in which to work. Our intention is to help churches become missional movements that become indispensable to their cities. If you have the courage and will to move toward that goal, we would love to help.





Once we’ve gotten to know each other we might want to confirm you really want to be a part of the spiritual family of the Underground Network. There’s no money or power involved but rather a relational connection with network directors who convene, learn and support each others unique works. And in case you missed it, despite having a few who have our name, we really believe in contextualization and are asking leaders to generate a unique name for their own city.


As our relationship with you strengthens, we're able to offer you more of our resources.