After serving in campus ministry for 15 years, I sensed God expanding my call beyond the campus to help establish churches in the most unreached parts of our cities.  Its been a privilege to join the Underground team to further develop our work with movements around the country and around the world.

As of February of 2019 I have relocated to Dublin, Ireland as a part of my work with the Underground. Here are a few ways I think the move to Ireland will help further the work I feel called to in this season:

  • It will give me the opportunity to serve as needed in an international movement in Dublin where I can learn more about growing missional hubs in international contexts

  • It will give us an opportunity to learn from a community who is building partnerships with established churches to form missional hubs which is a challenge we are facing in the US - How can established small & medium sized churches make a shift to a more missional paradigm

  • It will allow me to be geographically closer to a number of international communities who have initiated with us in hopes of learning from our ten year missional experiment as well as allow me to be closer to current sister movements in Europe and Asia for a season as I try to serve and partner with them

THANK YOU for being a part of my life and being interested in what we are doing to serve the church in our generation..



While I have been a part of the UNDERGROUND since the beginning, it was just under two years ago that I joined the staff team full-time to help equip and support new movements around the world.


In my role as the International Movements Director, I get to serve our movement directors, and those interested in starting movements in their own cities around the US and particularly, around the world. For each step of empowerment and growth I get to be a small part of it and experience the joy of seeing God worshiped in new places.

Our movements department is currently providing coaching & consulting in our innovative approach to mission to more than 100 cities. This year, we launched our Movement School in order to help people reimagine church for their context, hopefully training 100 cities over the next 5 years, and we have also continued to host guests for short 2 days experiences where they can get up close to the missionaries and innovative infrastructure of our decentralized community of microchurches.

As our story, values and unique approach has been a part of a new vision for the church in our time, we are trying to both steward that newfound influence as well as serve the growth of the kingdom in our generation. We know that the church is capable of real impact and empowerment.





We are also responsible to raise the money required to grow this ambitious project ($180,000 annually) and need partners to join us financially. Would you consider joining our team by donating?



We need a team of partners who understand the desperate need for the church to reach the most underserved parts of our cities and the challenges we'll face as we work to that end.  Would you consider joining my team through prayer and spiritual support?