Key Talks

Talks from our weekly conference in Tampa, FL called Crucible.


This video from a few years ago really sums up much of our heart, history, and passion to release missionaries into their callings. 

These videos take you through Ephesians 4: 1-16 and the roles of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, and Teacher, explaining how each one fits into our Underground community, and how we couldn't function without you. 

Our Manifesto series walks through each part of our core values, discussing their significance and importance in our network.


Help Launch A Microchurch

Resources like the Calling Lab and Coaching guides are designed for you to help people in your network start something new.




We believe everyone is uniquely called to the mission of God. But how do you know what you are called to? We long to awaken dreams and give everyone the resources they need to live out their calling. The Calling Lab is a platform to help others discover their calling and be sent into that mission.



Once a believer wants to start a microchurch they will need a few coaching conversations. These documents can be self-guided, done as a team or alongside with a coach. 


Training for Microchurches

The training below are examples of an "opt in"  menu.  Each microchurch chooses what they determine helps them BE the church.


This leadership training course is designed to equip and empower emerging leaders. The goal of this training environment is to establish a new leader in the theological concepts of leadership as well as equip them in the practical disciplines that would be needed in order to lead.


If you are in a ministry that calls you to raise your own support, either your entire support or partial, this class will help you develop and implement your funding strategy. The materials covered throughout the curriculum would be helpful for the missionary who is just starting out, as well as the mission who might want to refresh some of their thinking and and approach.


This course is for anyone who wants to consider a refreshing approach to doing church in a disembodied world. If you're interested in re-envisioning church, what you do in the name of church, and the way you lead a church, this course will deeply challenge you and inspire you to a healthy, biblical and forgotten model of church.



David Fitch argues that we have lost the intent and practice of the sacramental ways of the historic church, and he recovers seven disciplines that have been with us since the birth of the church. Through numerous examples and stories, he demonstrates how these revolutionary disciplines can help the church take shape in and among our neighborhoods, transform our way of life in the world, and advance the kingdom.