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hospitality & relationship

We are excited to host folks interested in our story! Usually people arrive Saturday evening and leave Monday night or Tuesday morning. We are very flexible to what’s best for your team and needs but typically we want to spend as much time living and being with you as well as unpacking the Underground. To facilitate this environment we hope you’ll stay with some of our missionary families and share as many meals as possible.

While here you will be able to:

  • Live with us- unless your team needs other accommodations

  • Attend our Sunday morning Catalyst

  • Hear from some microchurch leaders

  • Tour our HUB

  • Visit a microchurch

  • Connect with some of our amazing staff

  • Debrief our story and structures

  • Enjoy meals together- FYI fellowship around the table is very important to us and we look forward to offering you breakfasts and dinners that foster deeper relationship. If you want to help us offset some of those costs you can donate when you sign up.


This is our current list of weekends for 2019. For some travelers, leaving Tuesday morning is better than Monday night. Just let us know which is best for you as we set things up. Right now we can take 2-3 teams at a time so make sure you reach out before space fills up! If you have any questions email

  • June 8-10

  • July 27-29

  • August 10-12

  • September 14-16 FULL

  • October 12-14 FULL

  • November 9-11