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You’re ready to empower others and hope to launch a network...but can’t make it to Movement School. Sorry to hear that, but we’re here to help. Our hope is for motivated practitioners to join our learning community even if they can’t attend movement school. If you long to see a different type of church that empowers others to follow their Jesus dreams and generate a missional ecosystem in your context then our online cohort can help you.



Each session will move through three parts:

Live Content • Q & A • Contextualization Coaching


Christology // Fascination with Jesus
movements are initiated, fueled, and sustained with an obsession of Jesus


Missiology // Incarnating, Integrity, Impact, Inspiring
movement leaders activate radicals because they themselves are radical


Ecclesiology // The Microchurch
the church has been and always will be small and powerful


Ecclesiology // The Formation of Microchurches
two types of microchurches emerge as missionary leaders mature into their calling


Applied Theology // New Leadership & Network Creation
the organic work of the church necessitates a new operating system


Applied Theology // The Networked Church
the needs of the church generate programmatic possibilities with a servant posture


Applied Theology // Serving Microchurches
ecosystems are served by influence and not manufactured pipelines


Applied Theology // Values
defining what you value is the beginning of the family of missionaries


Applied Theology // Economic Model
the funding for a decentralized network requires creativity and hustle


Applied Theology // Exercising Spiritual Authority
a network must structure for the tension between freedom and responsibility


Online Cohort vs Movement School

What’s the difference?
Both unpack the innovative thinking behind a decentralized operating model for the church, but the online content is limited to only module one. The remaining modules are only available in Movement School.





Suggested donation: $500-1000 pp

We believe the online cohort is worth market-rate prices for virtual coaching and training, but we hesitate to establish transactional relationships. Instead, we are asking for a donation to help launch other translocal networks. To help us accomplish this important work we are asking for a donation between $500-1000 per person. This is not a fee, ultimately, you can donate $0 if you so choose.


Wednesdays: 1pm EST

August 14
August 28
September 11
September 25
October 9
October 23
November 6
November 13
November 20
December 4



We are using Zoom. Once you’ve registered we will place you in a cohort with any teammates that register with you. We will start each zoom together for content, then break into small virtual rooms to contextualize.

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