Haiti Mission School is a coming of age, liminal experience that challenges and stretches you so you can experience the greatness of God and the desperation of the world he loves.


content overview

  • Crossing culture training

  • Fundraising tips

  • Poverty simulation

  • Community dynamics

  • Systemic evil

  • Imago Dei

  • God’s heart for the poor

  • Christology in the developing world

  • Materialism, greed and our role

  • Lots of the Bible

  • Additional readings

Engaging the 4 pathways of our philosophy (Incarnational, Intellectual, Communal and Spiritual) we will embrace this content. The lessons with come through experiences, articles, theological reflection, simulations and relationships.  There will be time for classes, discussions over meals, thought provoking moments while we live, work and worship with our Haitian teachers.   You will live in Haitian households, be guided by Haitian mentors, labor alongside our Haitian friends, read challenging articles and gather for classes. Come ready to fully immerse yourself into the life of Haiti and let the lessons of her people show you Jesus.


important information

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We don’t come to help Haiti but to be taught and shaped by her people.  The first lesson in our school is to submit to the wisdom and insight of our Haitian leaders.

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team leader Resource

If you plan to be the team lead for your group, here is a look at how to best prepare your group for the trip.

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participant covenant

In order to include outsiders into our ministry context we need a high commitment to serve, love, listen and honor. We can’t have visitors do anything to hinder the on-going work of the gospel in our context and expect every participant to sign the Code of Conduct.  If you are still deciding to apply, check it out to make sure you can sign it.