Our work is prophetic innovation, which always requires courage to see and more courage to embody. Brave Future is not for every church. We are interested only in working with churches or organizations with real appetite for change. We work with those who are either desperate enough to make radical changes or those who have the courage and vision to see that our current strategy/structures will not accomplish what we hope and believe is possible.

We are a boutique firm and only take 6 clients a year. For that reason we are very selective to find the right kind context in which to work.

Our intention is to help churches become missional movements that become indispensable to their cities. If you have the courage and will to move toward that goal, we would love to help.


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The simplest way for us to help is by inviting us to teach one of our 2 hour seminars. We offer Innovative ideas that will disrupt your thinking, inspire your team, and jump start change. Expose your team/leaders to ideas that will introduce cutting edge missional theology, practical expressions of church form and practice that are biblical and contemporary.

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We provide a forensic accounting of your systems, culture and practice by analyzing and assessing your missional readiness. There are 7 areas assessed: leadership, governance, culture, theology/teaching, infrastructure, resource management, and heart.

 From this analysis we will then customize a series of reports and training based on your church or organization's unique change diagnostic. We will offer not only customized insights into your change dynamics but also a customized strategy for implementing that change.

This could be 2-3 days depending on the size of the church/organization

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Building on the analytic data, we will not only teach and offer recommendations for executing change we will actually join your team in the early stages of that execution. We will stay on as members of your team to walk through the first stages of your development and change plan, helping you respond to the dynamic process of change management.

We expect 5 days for this option



We are practitioners. And while we have a deep conviction that every movement must be contextualized to the city that births it, we are also people who are living these principles in real time. For a window into our contextual expression of the church as a missional movement and an example of this preferred future, you can check out our community.




Brian is the founder and Executive Director of the Underground Network; a new form of church designed and empowered for mission. A serial entrepreneur, Brian has helped to start hundreds of missional enterprises, including churches, non profits, and businesses all over the world. Based in Tampa, the Underground now has movement hubs in 10 cities and 5 countries.

Brian holds a degree in communication from the University of Florida, a Masters Degree from the University of South Florida in Religious Studies, and a Masters Degree in Applied Theology from Spurgeon’s College. Brian has lived with his wife and six children in intentional community in the inner-city for more than twenty years, embodying the ideas that drive him and is now living and working in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and two youngest kids.



Bill serves network and denominational leaders of church planting movements across the country with the Exponential resources. He also provides strategic and operational oversight of Exponential’s R&D and expanding educational opportunities.

Bill has a fervent desire to help ministries improve their effectiveness at connecting their communities with Christ. He served as District Manager (13 years) and then President (17 years) for Cogun, a company committed exclusively to helping churches develop the right ministry space. During that time, he cofounded the Cornerstone Knowledge Network, a group committed to research for understanding the alignment of culture, leadership, ministry and facilities. Bill has a BS in BA from Youngstown State University, an MBA from The University of Tampa.



Keisha, serves as the Coaching Director for the Underground Network. She sits on the board of the Underground and Created Women. Keisha holds a degree in Social Work from the University of South Florida and is a certified growth coach through Life Forming Leadership Coaching. Her and her husband Ryan are together raising two wonderful sons- Jarron and Evan.



Bradford Everett is currently the Area Director for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Florida Bay Area. He is also the the director of the Tampa Urban Program. He is married to Stephania Everett, a beautiful Haitian woman, and they love their two sons Timothy and Langston.


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