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microchurches book

When Jesus thought about the church, what did he imagine?

Most churches are small, and rightly so. With power being redistributed in our time, networks of smaller enterprises are both growing and thriving. The yearning for participation and empowerment has us all looking for versions of church that make room for everyone. Perhaps, after all our hand wringing and insecurity about the size of our churches, we have missed the point. Microchurches can be strong, beautiful, accessible and potent portraits of just what Jesus had in mind, if not for all time, at least for ours.

This book is a guide to understanding, appreciating, and if you are up for it, starting a microchurch.

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to support the Underground Network.

about the author

Brian Sanders

Brian is the founder and Executive Director of the Underground Network. A serial entrepreneur, Brian has helped to start hundreds of missional enterprises, including churches, nonprofits, and businesses all over the world. 

Brian holds a degree in communication from the University of Florida, a Masters Degree from the University of South Florida in Religious Studies, and a Masters Degree in Applied Theology from Spurgeon’s College. Brian has lived with his wife and six children in intentional community in the inner-city for more than twenty years, embodying the ideas that drive him and is now living and working in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and two youngest kids. 


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